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Video Writing Prompts

Using engaging videos on current events and student-tailored topics, our weekly prompts will provide journal and writing activities your class will love!

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Video Writing Prompt: Tiger Eyes

The new film Tiger Eyes provides weighty subject matter for this Video Writing Prompt and is designed to enhance students' writing and critical thinking skills.

Video Writing Prompt: Life of Pi

This Exclusive Video Writing Prompt helps students explore different kinds of conflicts in stories. It also allows them to express their personal experiences with overcoming conflict, or use...

video writing prompt - Felix Baumgartner

In this video writing prompt, get your students thinking and writing about current events with a video of Felix Baumgartner jumping from space.

Pop Lesson Plans

700+ FREE printable lessons are:
• Inspired by pop culture & news
• Aligned to teaching standards
• Options for K-12 & core subjects

Latest Pop Lesson Plan

Dip into geography as your students find rainforests worldwide and learn the dangers they're facing the forests and the environment.

Kickoff your word problems with these Super Bowl scores and comparing players by the pound.

1. Fill in the number chart.  
2. Estimate how many rolls it will take you to get to 100.
3. Write down how many rolls it actually did take you to get to 100.

Online Activities

eLearnAssignments is a new website with interactive assignments for students. Their daily reading comprehension & online research lessons are perfect for test prep and 21st century skills.